It's a crazy idea that we humans are all connected to each other in some way or another. But we are. That means over 7 billion people are somehow attached to me. To be a bit more precise, it’s about 7.7 billion people. Wow, that’s more relationships than I experience in my daily life!

But is that really true? Of course it is! There is always something what I share with every single person on Mother Earth. It may be as insignificant as the preference for a certain color, or the favorite animal, my most read book, an unbearable smell, a beautiful memory and so on.

The listing could fill pages and exactly for this reason it is impossible that there is nobody on this planet with whom I do not share at least something insignificant. The life is changing and what’s insignificant today, may become significant tomorrow. What means that every person can turn into somebody important to me.

This may sound a bit over the top. But every person is somehow a piece in the puzzle of my life. The only problem is that there is too few time, too much distraction, too many obstacles to get in touch with the right person at the right time to solve the puzzle.

Back to the starting point. So I share with every single person preferences, passions, thoughts, decisions, experiences, things, knowledge and much more. All these can be of either important or insignificant nature depending on my situation in life. However, most connections are unobtrusive and therefore hidden from me. The question is therefore, how I can make these connections visible at the right time and without a super costly analysis and research? When I think about it, then I don’t even know in many cases the connection I have with all my facebook friends, beside the fact that we’re friends.

And that’s what all the so called free applications such as Facebook and Google are taking advantage of. In reality I do and did pay more than enough to these tech giants by providing my data. How else is it possible that these companies are also the most valuable ones. They sell my data to those who want to place targeted advertisement to me. And they are doing an awesome job by matching my data to the advertisers’ requests.

But what if there would be a platform whose goal is not collecting the user data for re-selling it to buyers who are seeking for the perfect match, but rather for sharing it fully and equally within the community? What if all user data (except sensitive information like email) is accessible to the platform’s community with the primary goal to match it for its users and not for the highest bidders?

When I have the opportunity to get in contact (and exchange myself) with my matches, I am getting a huge step closer to find the right person(s) at the right time who has the missing puzzle piece to move my life forward.